I Broke Facebook Yesterday


Did I Break Facebook?  

What Happens When Facebook is Down?

Yesterday I decided to jump into Facebook. You see, that sounds like an innocent activity, one that millions of people do everyday. What’s odd is that I actually scheduled the time and intended to spend some time there. I recently hired a new coach and am participating in her nine month program. I intentionally decided it’s time to engage with the group and ask a question.

What’s true for me is, I have a love/dislike relationship with Facebook. I do jump in every once in a while and I sometimes post. It’s just not my favorite place to be and I find it overwhelming and difficult to navigate (intentional to some degree by the creators, I think).

Yesterday, I decided to create the time and place to go into the newly formed group, introduce myself, and engage with my new “friends.” It really is a wonderful group of people all looking to learn and grow in their online business. What better place to do that than on Facebook?

I asked my question and had a nearly immediate answer from my coach. It was great! I was in the process of saying “Thank you!” and my message didn’t go through. I thought, that’s odd. I tried again and also posted another comment. Nope. Then I checked my internet and tried another window. This time Facebook.com could not be found! Oh no! I broke it!!!!!!

Now, of course I know I couldn’t break Facebook; however, there was evidence, just read above. I must have done something wrong. And, now, I had a follow up question and was looking for feedback on my project with no way to request it. Oh no!

Soon after this incident, I participated in different group meeting about goal setting. We immediately started discussing the fact that not only was Facebook down, Instagram, and WhatsApp were too! What’s an entrepreneur to do??

This conversation turned into a very productive one as we discussed contingency plans for our most used applications and services. Are you lists backed up somewhere? Do you have alternative services to use (e.g. Zoom, StreamYard, Google Meet, FaceTime)? Where are you most vulnerable? How can you mitigate those vulnerabilities and what can you do today to make sure you are more protected than you are right now?

These are great questions! We all had new items to add to our to do list. The most important thing we realized is that we were all ok and Facebook would likely be back (hopefully—I want feedback on my project). 

What can you take from this? How can you be prepared? What type of back up plan do you want to have in your life? Do you have a fully funded emergency fund (about six months of expenses)? If not, what is one thing you can do today to move you closer?

Facebook is back today. Is life “back to normal” for you or might you have new insights to improve your life in someway? Take the learning and use it or create your own learning from your own personal event/situation. Either way, say “Hi” next time you are on Facebook. Hopefully I won’t break it again. ;)

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