What is Your HAVING LEVEL?

Your HAVING LEVEL is a financial measurement tool to walk through current state, what you really need, and also where you are headed—all in one place. When you increase your Having Level, you are able to easily and effortlessly receive more, and in return, give more. 

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This brief yet deep and powerful assessment will help you uncover what you allow yourself to HAVE in your life.

After you complete the assessment, you will be able to:

  • Outline all of your current expenses (NOW)
  • Get to your NEED NUMBER (what do you really NEED as baseline revenue)
  • Understand where you are going and what your true DESIRE number is—what you really want to HAVE in your life!


  • How to determine your next step on YOUR Audacious Path to get there!

What is Your Having Level?

Use this financial measurement tool to start to uncover what you allow yourself to HAVE in your life.

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