The Path to More Money with Ease withOUT Stress, Struggle or Working Harder 

Wednesday, June 30, 3:00 pm central/4:00 pm eastern

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The problem today is that 22% of small- to medium-businesses closed in February, because most business owners don't know how to make enough surplus and overflow to have a sufficient financial buffer against unexpected events in any economy.

Rev. Andrea Scott Brown and Susan Glusica will share 3 tips for leveraging the Law of Resonance to receiving more money with ease:

1. The importance of money mindset and being in right relationship with money itself.

2. How funding your lifestyle a year in advance adds EASE to your life and business.

3. Why leading your money from your energy makes the way to the money super fast and turns on surplus & overflow.

JOIN us to expand your prosperity, generosity and legacy, so your business thrives in any economy!

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