Dave Baldwin on his Audacious Path

Season #1

Dave Baldwin creates training systems and tools to help business owners achieve scalability. Dave is on a mission to change the world of education. He recently launched an online course called Escape 8 to 5, designed to help people find the financial freedom to break free from working paycheck to paycheck.

dave-baldwin.com    escape8to5.com


The Audacious Path Show, a micro-podcast is a place to experience courage, resilience, and inspiration. This show is perfectly imperfect and frequently infrequent. Join producer Andrea Scott Brown as she hosts guests who, despite outside forces and inside struggles, are on their Audacious Path. You will hear stories where #courage was the only way to move forward to be in alignment with their true selves; #resilience allowed them to bounce back from adversity; and inner #clarity guided them to the end result they desired. Join us for a bit of #inspiration.

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