What is Your Net Worth?

Join the conversation about calculating net worth, understanding wealth, and moving in the direction of your financial freedom.

Join the Zoom call on Saturday, May 15th at 11am central!

I recently did a "back of the envelope" calculation of my net worth and was excited to find out the results. Let's do the same for you--it doesn't matter what the number is today, what matters is that this is the starting point of your future.

Come to the call to learn:

  • How to calculate your net worth
  • What should be included (and what is better to leave out) of this calculation
  • The next step to increase your net worth

Join the call for free...

  • The workshop will likely be available in the future with a registration fee. Join now for free!

What is your net worth?

Let's talk about how to calculate your net worth and ways to see the number improve!

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