[MONEY Moment] How to Change Your Mindset with Full Immersion

mindset money mindset Feb 13, 2021

When I want to achieve anything, I go fully into it. There is no doubt or question, it's a decision, action, and achievement (or failure). However, when I think I want something... am not sure... "try" it... do it a little... guess what happens... maybe a little success and usually a lot of headache, heartache, and mediocrity. NOT SUCCESS!

So, when I found out I was $30,000 in debt, there was no wishy washy behavior. It was full-on determination to change the situation and create a financial foundation for me and my family.  I set out on the journey to live a different life and there was no looking back. 

This is the difference that full immersion created for me. I'm all in!

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