Who gets the recognition?

Happy March and welcome to Women's History Month.

Looking back through women's history, so many women have fought for the rights of women today in the USA.

There is quite a long history of women not allowed to own property, work outside the home, advance in their career, or even have a bank account or credit card.

In my own life, I've been able to do it all; however, there were bumps in the road along the way.

For example, although I worked, had a good career, had bank accounts, and a credit card, when I got divorced, I found out the credit card we used as a couple was in my ex-husband’s name. According to the bank, I was only allowed to use it. After over 12 years, none of the credit history we developed together was under my name! I was furious!!

As a single mom, I was starting over in ways I didn't even know or understand at the time. I was thankfully able to buy a house on my own with my new job and new salary. Navigating the sale is another story, for another time.


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